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Marco Uccellini (?-1680)

La Hortensia virtuosa

Violin sonatas

Lucy van Dael

Marco Uccellini (?-1680) :
Sonata quarta detta “La Hortensia virtuosa” [op. IV]
Sonata seconda detta “La Luciminia contenta” [op. IV]
Sonata overo Toccata quinta detta “La Laura rilucente” [op. IV]
Sonata nona [op. IV]
Sonata quarta [op. V]
Sonata terza [op. V]
Sonata ottava [op. V]
Sonata quinta [op. V]
Sonata decima [op. V]
Sonata prima [op. V]
Sinfonia prima [op. IX]
Sonata prima [op. VII]
Sonata seconda [op. VII]
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Lucy van Dael, Violon
Toyohiko Satoh, Luth
Jaap ter Linden, Violoncelle
Bob van Asperen, Organ b.c.
Bob van Asperen, Clavecin
Durée totale: 1:4 (h:m)
Booklet: 28p., Français Allemand Anglais
Numéro de catalogue AE 10096
EAN 4026798100964
Catégorie de produit: CD
Date de sortie: 01/09/2004

Lucy van Dael, one of the most highly regarded Barqoue violinists in the world, and her prominent continuo players present an exciting part of the history of the violin sonata: The sonatas for violin by the 17th-century vituoso Marco Uccellini, who was active in Modena and Parma.

In the 17th century, the exceptional violinist Uccellini exerted a formative influence on the young genre of the violin sonata through his treatment of embellishments, his use of “affetti,” and his development of virtuoso violin techniques. The result is a highly imaginative, indeed "fantastic” music that has an almost improvisational character.

The four musicians, who are all veterans of the illustrious Dutch early music scene, take up the challenge. Lucy van Dael’s Amati violin produces amazing timbres in this repertoire. Different combinations of harpsichord, organ, lute, and cello are to be heard on the continuo part.

The recording made in the famous Doopsgezindekerk, Haarlem, dispensed with spot microphones, as usual with AEOLUS, resulting in a full, vivid sound.

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Reviews on “Uccellini: La Hortensia virtuosa”


Diapason Philippe Ramin, 1/2006 :

“... indispensable à la connaisance de ce répertoire. ”

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Monde de la Musique Frank Langlois, 3/2005 :

“Un régal.”

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Monde de la Musique 3-2005 AE10096.jpg 409,65 kB


Diapason :

... indispensable à la connaisance de ce répertoire.

Monde de la Musique :

Un régal.