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News and articles

Maintenance work finished (27/07/2023)
Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik Bestenliste I/23 for Peter Van de Velde (25/02/2023)
AEOLUS records César Franck on four different Cavaillé-Coll organs (16/12/2022)
AEOLUS produces a new recording with Zuzana Ferjenčíková (15/12/2022)
AEOLUS releases first recording of the new Mainz Cathedral organs (15/12/2022)
Zuzana Ferjenčíková is a new artist on the AEOLUS record label (01/11/2022)
New digital only album "SYMPHONIE PASSION (28/07/2021)
AEOLUS produces a new recording on the historic organ in the Laurentius church, Langwarden (Germany) (16/04/2021)
AEOLUS produces a new recording on the historic organ in the St.Mary's church, Lemgo (Germany) (16/04/2021)
Aeolus produces Super Audio CD on the Zacharias Hildebrandt-organ of the Wenzelskirche in Naumburg (27/11/2020)
Diapason d'Or for Bach concertos for 3 & 4 harpsichords (26/11/2020)
Louis Couperin: 4th volume, signed CDs and a new bundle (24/11/2020)
Aeolus supports 1st Virtual Organ Competition (21/07/2020)
German federal government decides reduction of value-added tax (01/07/2020)
AEOLUS produces a new recording on the famous gothic organ in the Jakobikirche, Lübeck (Germany) (14/06/2020)
DER SPIEGEL reviews "All Lust und Freud" (16/04/2020)
AEOLUS produces a new recording at Tangermuende (13/07/2019)
Bob van Asperen receives "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik" for "Art of Fugue" (15/02/2019)
Presentation concert on February 17 in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (25/01/2019)
'Diapason d'Or of the Year' for Bach concertos (20/11/2018)
An incredible family photograph (25/09/2018)
New webdesign (01/05/2018)
Payment methods (29/03/2018)
About bundles (01/02/2018)
Capriola Di Gioia celebrate 10th anniversary (21/01/2018)
Diapason d'Or for Pierre Hantaï and Aapo Häkkinen (01/01/2018)
Froberger year 2017 finnishes with a special offer (26/11/2017)
Radio feature portrays Bob van Asperen (03/10/2017)
Special anniversary offer for Froberger edition (18/05/2016)
400th anniversary of Johann Jacob Froberger (13/05/2016)
Aeolus has recorded the complete organ music of Guy Weitz (26/11/2015)
Aeolus has recorded a new album with Léon Berben (12/10/2015)
Aeolus produces new double SACD project "Hymnes - tribute to Nicolas de Grigny" (01/10/2015)
Aeolus now offers a set of five high-quality postcards (25/09/2015)
A visit with the Sun King - recording in Versailles (12/05/2015)
Aeolus has just recorded "Ludwig van Beethoven - organ perspectives" (26/04/2015)
Aeolus releases a new "digital only" album (12/05/2014)
Presentation Concert in Bruges (16/10/2013)
AEOLUS receives ECHO Award (13/08/2013)
Fono Forum comes with AEOLUS sampler CD (13/12/2012)
Boccherini Stabat mater: Video shows recording session (01/12/2012)
"Awakening Princesses" - London launch concert (21/04/2012)
London launch concert April 20th with Peter Holtslag (15/04/2012)
Bob van Asperen wins listening comparison on France Musique (23/03/2012)
Peter Holtslag and "Awakening Princesses" at Recorder Summit (11/03/2012)
Advent and Christmas with AEOLUS (04/12/2011)
Fasch special offer of the month (20/09/2011)
New "Ohimè" video online (30/05/2011)
Two awards from PdSK for AEOLUS (15/03/2011)
CD presentation and concert March 15 in Antwerp (09/03/2011)
New videos about "Nowel, Nowel!" and Froberger (07/12/2010)
Aeolus just recorded two new SACDs for the Bach project ! (01/11/2010)
Two more SACDs for the Bach project recorded in Arlesheim (CH) ! (01/11/2010)
SACD no. 16 for the Bach project now recorded in Marmoutier (01/11/2010)
3rd SACD for Sweelinck Edition with Léon Berben just recorded (11/05/2010)
Video delivers insights into Agrell SACD (07/05/2010)
New: Improved video playback (05/05/2010)
Aeolus is pursuing the Sigfrid Karg-Elert Edition (29/04/2010)
New SACD recordings for the Bach Organ Project (14/04/2010)
Podcast with Stephen Tharp (13/04/2010)
Podcast mit Daniel Roth (12/04/2010)
Future of the big Bach organ music SACD-project started with Ewald Kooiman (19/12/2009)
One hour of Froberger at Radio France (22/11/2009)
Molter chosen as "CD of the week" by RBB (09/11/2009)
Sweelinck recording with Léon Berben (17/10/2009)
Louis Vierne organ symphonies recordings with Daniel Roth (16/10/2009)
Upcoming live improvisation SACD with Thierry Escaich (15/10/2009)
Main-Barockorchester presents new Molter-CD (12/09/2009)
Jeanne Demessieux SACD AE-10561 edition with Stephen Tharp receives 5 DIAPASON and "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik"! (18/05/2009)
Prof. Ewald Kooiman suddenly died on january 25, 2009 (26/01/2009)
New distributor in Denmark (14/01/2009)
Retrospect and forecast 2008 - 2009 (01/01/2009)
Joan Cabanilles SACD AE-10671 with Léon Berben receives DIAPASON D'OR, CHOC du Monde de la Musique and "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik"! (02/12/2008)
Complete organ works by Bach on Aeolus (14/11/2008)
Jeanne Demessieux: Complete Organ Works (13/11/2008)
AEOLUS intensifies orchestra recordings (12/10/2008)
Froberger Vol.1 finally available again (09/10/2008)
New Phone numbers (13/08/2008)
Preview: Recording the Vaudry (15/06/2008)
Recording with Ruckers harpsichord (25/05/2008)
Antwerp cathedral: new SACD with Peter Van de Velde (07/03/2008)
FRQ: Recording in Antwerp (02/03/2008)
Anleitung zur Auswahl einer SACD-Anlage (02/02/2008)
Unda Maris CDs (02/01/2008)
Happy new year 2008! (31/12/2007)
Few copies of Froberger edition Vol.1 now available (19/11/2007)
Recording tour october 2007 - 1 (05/11/2007)
Recording tour october 2007 - 2 (05/11/2007)
Recording tour october 2007 - 3 (05/11/2007)
Recording tour october 2007 - 4 (05/11/2007)
Aeolus records David Briggs at Toulouse for BBC Music Magazine (01/11/2007)
New prices (25/09/2007)
AEOLUS launches new website (24/09/2007)
What is PayPal? (07/09/2007)
About AEOLUS (18/08/2007)
SACD - what does it mean? (30/11/2006)