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Daniel Roth (*1942)

Fresques Symphoniques Sacrées

Improvisations sur les peintures murales de l'église Saint-Martin de Dudelange

Daniel Roth

Dudelange, Eglise Saint-Martin

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Daniel Roth (*1942) :
La Méditation dans la nef
La Croix
Samson et le Lion
L'enfant prodigue
Le retour
La Nativité
Le Couronnement de la Vierge
La Procession
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Daniel Roth, Organ
Playing time: 0:58 (h:m)
Booklet: 28p., English German French
Order Nr. AE 10971
EAN 4026798109714
Product category: SACD
Release date: 11/06/2012
  • play_circle_outline Samson et le Lion
  • play_circle_outline L'enfant prodigue
  • play_circle_outline Le retour
  • play_circle_outline L'Annonciation
  • play_circle_outline La Procession des Saints

A new masterpiece of one of the most famous representatives of the french school of organ improvisation!

« At my first visit to Dudelange Church, I was immediately fascinated by its impressive decorations... » with these words Daniel Roth describes his feelings when entering the St-Martin's church in Dudelange for the first time: in fact the mural paintings by Notker Becker and Dominique Lang are amongst the most important examples for sacral art in Luxemburg. When we got invited by the « Association des Amis de l'orgue de Saint-Martin » to produce a CD in Dudelange on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the restauration of the important symphonic Georg Stahlhuth organ (built in 1912), we immediately had the idea to invite Daniel Roth to make a recording of illustrative improvisations on some of these paintings. According to Charles Tournemire we called this new album « Fresques symphoniques sacrées ». The result is a beautiful impressionistic tone picture which musically describes a round tour through the St-Martin's church by an imaginative visitor.
This exclusive new album has been recorded in stereo and surround sound using state of the art technique. It comes in an elegant DPac with a 28 pages full color and three languages booklet containing color photos of all the mural paintings Maestro Daniel Roth got inspired by.

€ 18,99 (including tax)
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