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AEOLUS / All Discs / AE10731 Batiste, Edouard Le dompteur d'orgues


2 CD set 2 CD set
Super Audio CD Hybrid SuperAudio CD. Plays in all standard CD Players. SACD Stereo, SACD Multichannel Surround, CD Audio.
Audio samples:

Audio sample Offertoire - Fantaisie - Orage op.23 Offertoire - Fantaisie - Orage op.23

Audio sample Communion op.28 Communion op.28

Audio sample Offertoire op.36 Offertoire op.36

Audio sample Final de la Symphonie en ut de Beethoven op.30 Final de la Symphonie en ut de Beethoven op.30

Audio sample Offertoire funèbre op.31 Offertoire funèbre op.31

Audio sample Marche Solennelle de Hamlet Marche Solennelle de Hamlet

Batiste, Edouard (1820-1876)

Le dompteur d'orgues

Grands offertoires et transcriptions de Beethoven

Diego Innocenzi (Organ)

Murcia, Iglesia Catedral de Santa María

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Offertoire F major [op.10]
Elévation C minor [op.5, 2]
Offertoire F major [op.36]
Communion G major [op.4]
Offertoire - Fantaisie - Orage C minor [op.23]
Elévation A flat major [op.23]
Offertoire E minor [op.27]
Communion E major [op.29]
Offertoire F minor [op.28]
Communion A minor [op.28]
Offertoire A minor [op.38]
Offertoire E flat major [op.40]
Offertoire E flat major [op.36]
Final de la Symphonie en ut mineur de Beethoven C minor [op.30]
Communion (Andante de la Symphonie en ut de Beethoven) F major [op.31]
Offertoire B flat major [op.33]
Offertoire funèbre (Adagio de la 3e Symphonie de Beethoven) C minor [op.31]
Grand Offertoire (sur un thème de la Kreutzer-Sonate de Beethoven) F major [op.35]
Offertoire (Larghetto de la Symphonie en ré de Beethoven) A major [op.31]
Offertoire (Allegretto de la Symphonie en la de Beethoven) A minor [op.33]
Offertoire (Andante de la Symphonie Pastorale de Beethoven) B flat major [op.32]
Elévation (Adagio de la Symphonie en si-bémol de Beethoven) E flat major [op.32]
Communion (Andante de la Symphonie un ut de Beethoven) A flat major [op.32]
Grande Sortie (Final de la 9e Symphonie de Beethoven) D flat major [op.33]
Offertoire D major [op.39]
Marche solennelle de Hamlet (Ambroise Thomas) B flat major

Playing time: 2:40 (h:m)
Booklet: 36p., English German French
Order Nr. AE 10731
EAN 4026798107314
Product category: 2CD
Release date: 10/12/2011


This extraordinary double album (2 hrs and 40 min playing time) offers two world premieres: rediscovered organ works by Edouard Batiste (1820-1876) played on an impressive 4-manual french symphonic instrument (1857) that has never been recorded before: the Merklin & Schütze organ of Murcia cathedral (Spain).

Edouard Batiste who was called an "organ tamer" was one of the most famous french virtuosos in the 19th century. He worked as an advisor for the Merklin & Schütze organ company and inaugurated many of their new instruments. He himself was titular organist of Saint-Eustache in Paris and composed his organ music for the Ducroquet organ (1854) in that church.
When Diego Innocenzi came up with the idea of recording Edouard Batiste, we heard that the organ of Murcia cathedral, which had been unplayable for over 30 years, had just been restored. As this instrument is alomst contemporary to the Ducroquet organ, we decided to do our recordings here. And we were absolutely overwhealmed by the results : we have been able to realise exactly the registrations Batiste request for his music! The sound of this instrument is absolutely fantastic and impressive and the cathedral has wonderful acoustics.
Whereas SACD one contains big offertoires, communions and elevations, SACD presents transcriptions of movements from several Beethoven Symphonies!
Diego Innocenzi, titular organist of the Van den Heuvel organ of the Victoria Hall in Geneva, is well known to Aeolus' customers: he already performs on the two highly recommended albums with music for voice and organ by César Franck. His performances of Batiste music are absolutely stirring and convincing.
Don't miss this double album: beautiful unknown repertoire and a stunning instrument that has never been recorded before.