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L'Ange et le Diable

Rainer Zipperling

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Marin Marais (1656-1728) Pièces de Viole, Quatrième Livre: Première Suite D minor
Marin Marais (1656-1728) Pièces de Viole, Quatrième Livre: Deuxième Suite D major
Marin Marais (1656-1728) Pièces de Viole, Quatrième Livre: Sixième Suite E minor
Jacques Duphly (1715-1789) La Forqueray (Troisième Livre de Pièces de Clavecin, arr. Rainer Zipperling)
Antoine Forqueray (1671-1745) Cinquième Suite C minor
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Rainer Zipperling, Bass viol
Pieter-Jan Belder, Harpsichord
Ghislaine Wauters, Bass viol
Playing time: 1:20 (h:m)
Booklet: 24p., English German French
Order Nr. AE 10326
EAN 4026798103262
Product category: SACD
Release date: 01/09/2021
  • play_circle_outline Marais: Prélude D minor
  • play_circle_outline Marais: Allemande La Familière
  • play_circle_outline Marais: Gigue La Piquante
  • play_circle_outline Duphly: La Forqueray
  • play_circle_outline Forqueray: La Rameau

A famous historical quote provided the idea for this program: Marin Marais and Antoine Forqueray, the outstanding French baroque viola da gamba virtuosos, were like “angel” and “devil” for their contemporaries – antithetical figures who produced greatly different sounds on their instruments.

Soloist Rainer Zipperling (Ricercar Consort, among others) juxtaposes the amicable suites by Marais with Forqueray’s Fifth Suite, which beseeches the listener with dark sounds and always goes to the limits of the instrument. The pieces seem even more mysterious when one takes into account Rainer Zipperling’s comments in the booklet text about the authorship of Forqueray’s suites: Are they in fact works by his talented son, whom he even had imprisoned out of jealousy?

A particularly welcome “bonus” and an enrichment of the viola da gamba canon is Rainer Zipperling’s arrangement of the well-known rondeau “La Forqueray” by the late-baroque French harpsichord virtuoso Jacques Duphly. Ghislaine Wauters on the second viola da gamba and Pieter-Jan Belder on a French harpsichord are his tried-and-true partners on this recording, which was captured by AEOLUS on SuperAudioCD in stereo and surround sound.

€ 18,99 (including tax)
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Classica Phillipe Ramin, 03-2022 :

“Une anthologie incontournable.”

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Classica :

Une anthologie incontournable.